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What is sweatworking?


Ever heard of sweatworking? The term is a play on “networking” and sounds kinda like what it is: networking while getting just a little bit sweaty at the same time. Those who want to schmooze with clients can leave the golf clubs in the garage and instead take business partners to the gym, for a run or to a studio to try out a new class.


Sweatworking has found its way into the cycling world already. Many will talk work while spinning or going for a scenic ride. It makes sense if you think about it. Get out of the rigid office environment and enjoy a fun activity while planning future projects. Don’t make it all business all the time. Those who have been heading to the green of the golf course have been seeing the upside of this approach for a while. By getting involved in fun physical activity, you can build a more natural relationship  with clients since the atmosphere is less formal. Plus, it’s good for your health to work while working out.

Would running be a good alternative to the boardroom? It could be. Likely a run isn’t a great option for a first-time meeting. A fast-paced run can be a little too vigorous or uncomfortable for some. But if you’re in a workplace with sportsy folks, you probably have the green light. If it’s a little too sweaty or your work pals don’t quite have the fitness level, you could always do something complimentary to running like yoga, hiking or barre.

Give it a shot. It’s might just be more productive than the round table discussion.