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What only your runner friends know about you


Nearly all runners have those things they have a tough time admitting. Just being a runner means you’re going to accumulate all kind of odd secrets. But the truths only come out to fellow runners because your other friends might be appalled. You know you’re close when a runner friend knows these things about you:

1. All the embarrassing songs on your running playlist

You remember that moment on a run when it came out. You admitted your list of embarrassing jams. While you both had a laugh about it, you don’t feel bad.

2. These shorts aren’t totally clean

OK fine, you didn’t wash every single thing you’re wearing right now. When you told your runner friend, it turned out that he/she didn’t either.

3. You still think the word “fartlek” is funny

Even though you’ve been a runner for years.

4. Your book collection is 50% running related

It’s not even that you don’t read other books though. It’s just that there’s so many about nutrition, strength, running memoirs, etc.

5. Your 5K/half-marathon/marathon PB

Forgetting a birthday is almost more forgivable than having a best runner pal forget your PB.

6. That time you wished you wore a diaper

Because you pooped your pants on a run. Your friend knows all about this because they were there.

7. Movies don’t make you cry, but the Boston finish does

It’s your sappiest moment.

8. That time you used dry shampoo before a date

You’re guilty of this and remember the look on your friend’s face when you sheepishly admitted it.

9. You say your distance-tracking app is inaccurate only because you wish you had run farther

Secretly you both know that you’re pretty sure it’s spot on. You’d like to think you ran the full 10K instead of 9.7 so you both keep mum when you say “It’s a bit off though.” It’s an unwritten rule.

10. You are scared of real gyms

There’s just so much equipment…

11. That you think the smell of the track is one of the first signs of spring

It kind of is though. The smell of warm track is a sure sign that winter is over.

12. It also makes you a bit nervous

It also means you better be in shape.

13. Exactly what your sweat smells like

Running friends don’t even care how offensive it is. To them, that’s just your smell.

14. When you’re lying about having missed a run

They catch you on it every single time. You even see the suspicion in their face.

15. That childrens’ running form makes you giggle

It’s not like kids are going to have pro running form but it still make you laugh. Your friend laughs too because only runners can appreciate how funny it is when kids run.

16. Exactly how much food you are able to consume

Because they have seen you eat after a workout and it was intense.