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What runners are bad at

Nobody can be good at everything and runners are not exempt from that. We’re pretty bad at these and we’re not going to bother lying about it. If you’re a runner, you’re pretty bad at… 

1. Allowing the world to see your feet. 

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2. Staying on top of laundry. 

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3. Table manners after a long run.

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4. Being nice to pedestrians who are in your way. 

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5. Staying calm the night before a race. 

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6. Sticking to health food. 

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7. Hiding the fact that you like your runner friends better. 

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8. Accidentally talking about running to uninterested parties. 

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9. Switching things up in the kitchen. 

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10. Dressing like you’re ready to go out… not like you’re about to do laps of the track. 

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11. Getting excited about strengthening moves. 

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12. Being unnecessarily competitive. 

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13. Sleeping in. 

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