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What should your last workout before a race be?

Try treating your last workout as a mini race prep

Do you have a race coming up and are unsure of how to prep for it? The last thing you want to do is race off a hard workout, as you’ll want your legs rested leading into the race. Finding the right workout that isn’t too taxing or easy is difficult. Here are a few workouts that are perfect tests of preparation and mental confidence before a race. 

The last workout before your race should not be hard. Use this workout as preparation for the distance that you are running, getting you ready for the start. You should treat your last workout as a taper of a harder workout you completed the week before. 

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If you are training for a 5K or 10K race, do 3-4 reps of one kilometre with 90 seconds rest between reps. Each rep should be done at your goal race pace or a tad faster. Try to focus on your breathing and staying relaxed, treating each rep as the first kilometre in a race. 

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For those training for a half or full marathon, your hard work is done. This is your time to taper, but you’ll want to focus on maintaining your aerobic endurance. Your workout will be similar to the workout above, but with longer reps and slower recovery. Do 2-4 reps of two kilometres with two minutes jog rest between reps. This workout should be done at half-marathon pace, or a few seconds slower.