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Why run on vacation?


It’s a classic problem. You go on vacation and once you’re there you get relaxed and don’t feel like running. Maybe you want to get out there but you don’t quite know the area. It’s easy to convince yourself not to run on vacation. But consider the arguments for the run.

It’s a fast and efficient way to see the area

Forget the bus tours or jam-packing a schedule only to end up stuck in traffic. When you run on vacation you can explore the city or town way better. In just one run you can cruise past famous landmarks, gorgeous scenery and find new places to eat or shop. Running will help plan what to do on the rest of your trip.

You won’t lose your fitness


How terrible is it to build up fitness just to let it go? It’s not like you’re going to be back at square one, but there’s certainly going to be a lag when you get back if you do absolutely no running.

You’re not bored of the route

Sometimes running at home can be tiresome when your favourite routes are all worn out. There’s nothing new and exciting about them anymore. But if you run on vacation, you’re seeing everything for the first time.

Less guilt when it comes time for vacation indulgences

You know how vacations can be with the fancy cocktails, elaborate meals and new foods try (with that bottle of wine to go with it). There’s a lot of indulging that we do when we’re on vacation. That’s fine. But plugging in a run will make you feel better about all of this.

The scenery makes it hard not to run

Usually vacation spots spoil you with beautiful scenery. Those mountain views, blue waves and rocky beach, or the quaint homes on a nearby street. A run is the perfect way to take it all in.

The area is new so you’re less likely to get bored

When you’re running in the same city, it can feel like you’ve already seen everything. Sure you can switch up the route but it’s still familiar ground and it can get boring a few kilometres in. When you’re exploring on vacation though, you’ll want to stay out. Just make sure not to get lost!

You can enjoy a post-run swim at the hotel or resort

if you’re staying at a beach or resort with a pool, you can jump into chilly water for refreshing post-run dip. That’s a good enough reason to lace up.