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Work on your speed endurance with broken intervals

Try this leg-burning workout from Mile2Marathon coach Bridget Pike

Many distance runners want to work on their top-end speed, but aren’t fast enough to benefit from a true sprint-style workout. This is where the speed-endurance workout comes in. By incorporating short and medium-length intervals into one session, you can work on your turnover while still challenging your aerobic system. Mile2Marathon coach Bridget Pyke gave us her favourite speed endurance workout for you to try for your next interval workout.

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“Once this workout starts, the hurt doesn’t ease up,” says Pyke. The session includes short-to-medium-length intervals that are to be done faster than 5K pace, with the goal of hitting your 3K to 1,500m pace, depending on the length of the interval. “The rest is relatively short for a speed workout,” she adds, “which adds to the burn!”

The workout

Warmup: 10-15 minute easy jog, followed by form drills and strides.

Workout: 4 x (600m, 400m, 200m); take 90 seconds of rest between each interval and two to three minutes rest between each set.

Cooldown: 10-15 minute easy jog followed by light stretching.

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