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Sporting Life 10K champ Brittany Moran shares two workouts that delivered her a huge PB

The spring and summer seasons are ideal for 5 and 10K training which means less miles and more speed. We talked  to one of Canada’s rising stars after her recent 10K breakthrough.

Brittany Moran Sporting Life 10K SL10K
Brittany Moran (Bib #11) on route to her first place finish at the Sporting Life 10K in Toronto. Photo credit: Richard Bowry

Canadian 2:47 marathoner Brittany Moran recently finished first at Toronto’s Sporting Life 10K in a new personal best time of 33:46 which is an average pace of 3:22 per kilometre.

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She did this as part of her training for the upcoming Ottawa Marathon where she will be chasing a new PB in that distance as well. Also part of the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend is the Ottawa 10K, a massively popular event that sees some 12,000 participants take part, earning it the reputation as one of the best 10Ks in the world. This year is also appropriately the Canadian 10K Championships, drawing a slew of Canadian Olympians as they get ready to run fast in Rio.

“When I got to the 7K mark of the race, I thought a lot about the harder workouts I had done.”

Moran may be focusing on the marathon which generally puts a greater emphasis on endurance, but still incorporated plenty of quality speedwork into her training which made the 10K personal best possible.

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For those training for an upcoming 10K, Moran shared with us her final two workouts leading up to her massive 10K improvement:

2 weeks out: 5 x 1 mile at 10K pace with 400m light jogging in between.

1 week out: 2 x 1 mile at 10K pace and 4 x 800m at 5K pace with 90 seconds of light jogging in between intervals.

In both cases, Moran ran these workouts on a Tuesday morning and did a long (20-30 minute) warm up beforehand. She also opted not to run them on a track but rather used a crushed gravel trail that measured approximately 800m.

But it wasn’t just a few key workouts that made Moran successful. “I think what really gave me the confidence [to win Sporting Life] was the long marathon workouts I had done. One even included 10 x 1K with 200m active recovery; another 3 x3K. When I got to the 7K mark of the race, I thought a lot about the harder workouts I had done. It is amazing what you can gain in speed from the long stuff.”