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Workouts runners can do at home

Workouts runners can do when the weather is just too bad to leave the house

Most winter days are manageable, but occasionally the weather can be so bad that braving the out-of-doors doesn’t feel like an option. If you run into one of those days, but don’t want to take an unscheduled day off, here’s a list of exercises you can easily do at home with little to no equipment. 

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Kneeling halos

By adding this exercise into your week, you’re bettering both your core and your posture. Work a desk job? Moves that focus on proper upper body position will counteract those slouching shoulders of yours. The best part about this exercise: it can easily be done while watching your favourite Netflix show.


Don’t ignore the core. If your old moves are getting stale, consider how Olympian and World Championship runner Emma Coburn gets her killer abs. 


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Lunges with arm weights

Our finishing kick may come from our strong legs, yes but being a fast runner doesn’t mean we should skip the arm sessions. This below exercise blends leg work with arm work. The perk: it’s so ridiculously easy to follow and a couple reps can easily be completed while waiting for supper to finish cooking.

Glute work

Commit to activation this winter and you’ll have that perfect peach emoji bum in no time. The bird dog’s primary function is to activate your glutes. Lift your opposite arm and opposite leg. Once they’re level, hold for a second and bring down, then switch sides.

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Run the stairs 

Live in an apartment building? You’ve for sure got a set of stairs that you can run up and down. You can use the stairs as a cardio opportunity following your at-home strength session. Stairs are essentially an indoor hill, and using them as a training tool can build strength, power and endurance. 

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