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Zwift for runners: how to do group runs on the treadmill

Even for runners who are sworn outdoor warriors through the winter, there usually a few days where it's not safe to run outside. When you've got to stay inside, consider trying Zwift

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Zwift is a virtual training ground that was once inhabited only by cyclists. In the summer of 2018, Zwift brought runners into its world. Zwift allows runners who prefer company to be inside, running on their own, while simultaneously working out with others. 

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One of the best parts of the sport are running miles with your training partners, and if you live in a climate where certain days aren’t runnable, you can end up on the treadmill. A season of treadmill workouts can wear on a person, especially if you get a lot of motivation from training with others. Zwift allows runners to chose between various group runs and races where you can see where you stack up against your real life training partners. 

Photo: Zwift

All you need is a treadmill, a foot pod and a computer, TV or phone to Zwift on. The app can be downloaded onto your computer or ISO device (it’s also available in the app store for Apple TV). The runpods go for $29.99 USD and easily pair with Zwift via bluetooth. The pod will show your speed, cadence and distance. Zwift allows you to explore different terrains and run new roads in its fictional world.

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The Zwift app was recently updated to include Meetups. Meetups are a way for you to meet training partners for a run without having to leave the house (if you have a treadmill at home). Zwift says, “Simply pick the date and time, then choose the route and distance. The Meetup can then be shared with up to 50 of their followers to join them for that run.” A run can be scheduled up to seven days in advance. The app also includes a full training component where runners are able to look ahead at their training plan to see what’s in store for them. 

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Zwift is providing a fun and easy way to make your winter treadmill workouts into something you look forward to, as opposed to an activity that you dread. Even for runners who are sworn outdoor warriors through the winter, there are usually a few days where it’s not safe to run outside. When you’ve got to stay inside, consider trying Zwift.