There are some surefire ways to know that you’ve stepped into a running household that become evident right from the front door. Here are a few signs that you might live in one such household (own it and be proud).

ultra running1) You’ve had near wipeouts tripping over the colourful pile of runners at the front door.

At any given time, a single runner usually has more than one pair of shoes on the go. Maybe two for training, a pair of flats for racing, or if you’re a cross-country or track fan, a pair of spikes as well. If you add on a partner or roommate that is also a runner, multiply the above by two. If you have a child that’s a runner…well, you can see how near wipeouts can be a daily occurrence.

Trigger point Foam Roller2) You consider the yoga mat and foam roller to count as home decor at this point.

I mean, you could stow them away in the closet or under the bed, but then you’d have to get them out again next time you need them, which, let’s face it, is everyday. If any non-runners in the house complain, make sure to remind them that foam-rolling increases mobility regardless of activity level…so instead of putting them away, they should give the roller a try. Perhaps don’t elaborate on your own love-hate relationship with it until afterwards.

3) Almost all your laundry is workout gear.Laundry Bonk

Were it not for workout gear, you would probably only have to do laundry once a month, but because of running, the mountain starts to form after only a week or so. To reduce the amount of washing, wear items multiple times before you wash them–you’re going to be showering after your run anyways, so a little extra stink during the run is no big deal. That is, unless you have a crush on your running partner…if that’s the case, try to avoid smelling.

4) There is a framed post-race photo somewhere in the house.

Ten extra points if you are wearing one of those reflective cape thingies in it. Twenty extra points if you are biting a finisher’s medal in it. Fifty points for looking totally high on endorphins…oh wait, that’s all of us.

1042766725) The peanut butter possesses a prominent position in the pantry.

Hail the king of nut butters. There is never an inappropriate time of day for a PB-centric snack.

6) One of the following can be found on your bookshelves: Once A Runner, Born to Run, Duel in the Sun, The Illegal or Unbroken.

These are just a few members of the running book canon–an extensive list. If you’re more of a film person, Chariots of Fire could count in this category.

7) You have a bib collection.race bib wallpaper

Now, bib collections can manifest themselves in different ways. You’ve got your put-them-in-a-scrapbook collectors, your shove-them-in-a-box collectors, your hang-them-on-the-wall collectors and then, at the most extreme end of the spectrum, you have the paper-your-basement-with-them collectors.



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