This week’s Shakeout Podcast episode is hosted by editor-in-chief, Michael Doyle, web editor Sinead Mulhern and staff writer Tim Huebsch.

The Underdog

Today, the panel talks with a true underdog. Before 2016, no one had ever heard of Thomas Toth. Then, the unheralded Canadian bursted onto the scene, running one of the fastest half-marathons of the year by a Canadian. In April, Toth qualified for the IAAF World Championships by just one second and will represent Canada in London in August. Toth talks about all the sacrifices he’s had to make in order to become an elite level athlete.

Our summer running playlist

For the next three weeks, we’ll be building the perfect summer playlist. We want to hear your recommendations! Email or Tweet us your favourite running tracks and we’ll add them and chat about them in the next episode of the podcast!

And of course, our weekly recommendations!

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Our first picks for the Canadian Running Summer Playlist:

Sinead’s song: “Run Up” by Major Lazer

Tim’s song: “Take My Breath Away” by Alesso

Michael’s song: “Dance Yrself Clean” by LCD Soundsystem

Weekly recommendations

Sinead recommends:

Doing strides! (and reading Dan Way’s article on what they are and how to do them):

Why short, 30-second bursts will make you a faster runner

Tim recommends:

The Epson Runsense GPS watch

Michael recommends:

The Reebok Floatride


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