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A look back: Dayna Pidhoresky and Trevor Hofbauer after last year’s Canadian Olympic Marathon Trials at STWM

This weekend would have been the 31st running of the Toronto Waterfront Marathon. It also marks 1 year since Trevor Hofbauer and Dayna Pidhoresky won the Canadian Marathon Olympic Trials at this event, both running under their respective Olympic standards. With this year’s STWM going virtual, and runners likely looking for some inspiration, we’re rebroadcasting our interviews with Dayna and Trevor from last year following their massive performances.

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Trevor Hofbauer wins 2019 Canadian Marathon Championships. Photo: Maxine Gravina

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We open with a message from race director Alan Brookes, who takes us through some of his favourite memories of Toronto Waterfront Marathon history. And don’t forget, you can still register for the virtual STWM races taking place until the end of October, by visiting TOwaterfrontmarathon.com