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Lyndsay Tessier’s war of attrition in the World Championships marathon

The IAAF World Championships wrapped up on Sunday in Doha, and our Canadian team did our country incredibly proud. There were numerous standout, and somewhat surprising, performances. But perhaps none were as thrilling or unexpected as Lyndsay Tessier in the women’s marathon. 

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2018 Berlin Marathon

Lyndsay had never made a national team, she was ranked 34th in a field that included former Olympic champions, and she had to contend with unprecedented conditions. Not to mention that unlike her professional athlete competitors, she is a full-time teacher, and at age 41, she was one of the oldest women in the race.

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Lyndsay Tessier and Krista DuChene. Photo: Jess Baumung

Today, almost exactly one year after she came on The Shakeout to talk about her 2018 Berlin Marathon breakthrough, Lyndsay takes us through her stunning result at her first ever World Championships. She also reflects on the incredible community of masters women who make up the majority of Canadian elite marathoners.