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Running alone together: A virtual journey to the Boston Marathon

Runners continue to mourn the cancellation and postponement of their spring races, and perhaps none more so than participants of the Boston Marathon. For many, news of this year’s postponement was devastating. In today’s episode we hear from members of one Canadian running club, who embarked on a creative journey to keep their Boston dreams alive.

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Photo: Jess Baumung

Today would have marked the 124th running of the Boston Marathon. And while the postponement is disappointing, members of the Nomads run club in Mississauga, Ontario refused to let it get them down. Nearly 20 of their members were planning to race this year’s event. Most of them were returning as veteran participants, each with impressive Boston racing streaks. 

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Group photo. Photo: Jess Baumung

When they learned that their beloved event was not to be this spring, Nomad member Kerry Walker organized an alternative: The Nomads Run On the Spot to Boston challenge. Over the last 3 days, 35 Nomads and several of their family members completed a nearly 550 mile virtual relay: the distance from Mississauga to the Hopkinton start line.

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