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The Shakeout Podcast: Bruny Surin, Canada’s Other Fastest Man

In 1999 Bruny Surin became the new leader in Canadian sprinting.

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Bruny Surin will remember 1999 as the year when everything lined up perfectly.

Surin was born in Haiti in 1967 and immigrated to Canada when he was seven years old. Growing up in Quebec, he took an interest in track and field, initially in the long jump and triple jump but it would be in the 100m that Surin would define his athletic career.

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In the 100m final at the 1999 World Championships in Athletics in Seville, Spain, Surin was fit enough to break a record –and he did.

On this week’s episode of The Shakeout, we look at one of the most overlooked national records in Canadian running history.

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