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The Shakeout Podcast: The “I want to rock ‘n’ roll all night…and run every day” episode

Ottawa Race Weekend brings out some truly incredible stories. This week we talked to someone racing the morning after playing a gig as well as a runner running after having had a double-lung transplant.

Luke Doucet


This week’s Shakeout Podcast episode was hosted by web editor Sinead Mulhern as editor-in-chief, Michael Doyle, and staff writer Tim Huebsch headed off for some action-packed running weekends in Nova Scotia and Ottawa. While Michael gets set to put his legs to the test at the Cabot Trail Relay (an annual event for him), Tim geared up to report in Ottawa at the race weekend in our nation’s capital.

These three got together to chat with Luke Doucet, a musician from the band Whitehorse who will race in Ottawa the morning after playing a gig. Following that, Tim has a conversation with an incredibly inspiring man who will also be running in Ottawa. Kenneth Douglas received a double-lung transplant and talks to us about preparing to run in the capital after such a life-changing experience. 

And of course, listen to our recommendations at the end! 

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Segment One: Luke Doucet

The life of a musician is rarely predictable. Through touring, recording, writing new songs and performing on stage, Luke Doucet, from the band Whitehorse, has remained committed to his running. In fact, he’s so committed that running a race the morning after playing a gig is actually kind a normal sequence of events. Here he gives us the details on what it’s like to pursue both of these passions. 

Segment Two: Kenneth Douglas 

We all have a story about running through times of trouble. Few of us though will have a story quite as shocking as Kenneth Douglas. The man has bounced back after having a double-lung transplant and he’s ready to run in Ottawa this weekend. Tim talked to him about his life-changing experience and why he wants others to become organ donors. His story will wow you. 

Douglas’ donor page.

What we recommend this week…

Michael has recently suffered the loss of his beloved running companion: his border collie and shepherd mix named Charlie. In reflecting on the special times he shared with Charlie, Michael recommends that you run with your dog this weekend. 

Read Michael’s story about Charlie “When Running Buddies Go Rogue” here

Tim is bringing us tons of amazing stories from Ottawa. He recommends that you tune in to catch the action by checking out news coverage and following us on social media (@CanadianRunning). 

Sinead just found out about a cool new brand: Kari Traa. The clothes are created in Norway, are designed by women, for women, they fit great… and they look awesome.