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The Rundown: Lanni Marchant gets candid about mental health, Wonder Woman and her new relationship with running

Each week Canadian Running staff writer Maddy Kelly and Shakeout host Kate Van Buskirk bring you a recap from the exciting world of running. This week on The Rundown we are joined by former Canadian marathon record-holder Lanni Marchant.

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It’s been a while since Lanni last toed a start line, and a lot has happened in that time. In 2013 the 37 year-old  broke the Canadian record in the marathon, running 2 hours 28 minutes. She went on to qualify for the 2016 Olympics in both the 10,000m and the marathon, but had to petition Athletics Canada to allow her to do this double. That same year, she testified as part of the Canadian Women and Girls in Sport Parliamentary Committee, and spoke extensively about the over sexualization of female athletes.


After 5 years of injuries and personal challenges, Lanni was the top Canadian finisher at this month’s NYC marathon, where she raced for the Release Recovery Foundation. This organization provides support and funds for individuals seeking treatment for addictions and substance abuse. On that note, in this episode we discuss mental illness, eating disorders, substance abuse and suicide. Please listen with care. And remember, if you or someone you know is suffering, you can access support through the Canada Suicide Prevention Services.