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The Rundown: Track star turned pro cyclist Mike Woods shares lessons from multiple athletic careers and laments the decline of ‘chaos’ in track and field

Each week Canadian Running staff writer Maddy Kelly and Shakeout host Kate Van Buskirk bring you a recap from the exciting world of running.

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This week on The Rundown we’re joined by track-star-turned-pro-cyclist Mike Woods. Mike was a mid-distance phenom in high school and university, but a series of injuries led him away from the track and on to a bike. The Olympian and World Championships medalist still avidly follows running, and is the co-founder of the coaching company Mile2Marathon. In this episode we chat with Mike about the lessons he’s learned through his multiple professional athletic careers. He talks goal setting and identity, laments the decline of “chaos” in track racing, and shares his goals for the 2021 Olympics.

Finally, we recap the recent results from the track and roads, including multiple world and Canadian records!

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