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The Shakeout Podcast: A Weekly Running Ritual Since 1974

The Hart House runners have been meeting every week at lunch since 1974.

Runners are a quirky bunch. 

And if you can find a group of like-minded individuals to join you on the run, either in companionship or competition –or both, there is an unmistakable bond that brings you and holds you together.

This week on The Shakeout we take you back to the story of the Hart House Runners –a multi-generational group of runners who have been meeting every week at lunchtime for the last four decades with one simple goal: to run.

Courtesy of Hart House
Courtesy of Sherwin Desser

It has been a tradition since 1974. Every Friday, a group of runners have been meeting at the Hart House indoor track at the University of Toronto. What began as a tradition of a weekly five mile race has continued for over four decades and now includes runners from the ages of 20 to 80. We visited the track to take a closer look at the intergenerational camaraderie and competition and chatted with the runners before and after the race.

Courtesy of Hart House
Photo credit: Adam Wojtkowiak


We would like to thank the Ontario Media Development Corporation for their contributions to this podcast.

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