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The Shakeout Podcast: Caster Semenya: Testosterone, the IAAF and the fight to run (Part 1)

Last month, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) released a verdict that has become one of the most hotly debated rulings in sport history. At the centre of this decision is one woman: the South African mid-distance phenom Caster Semenya. Semenya has a condition called 46XY DSD, which results in her body producing higher than average levels of testosterone. The science and emotions behind this case are complex, and have divided the world of athletics in a way that is unprecedented.

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In this episode, 3 guests offer their unique perspectives on this complex topic.  Amby Burfoot is the former Editor-in-Chief at Runner’s World Magazine. The week before the CAS decision was released, Burfoot wrote a lengthy article for Letsrun.com outlining many of the issues pertaining to the case. 

Today in Part 1, we chat with Burfoot about his reasons for agreeing with the CAS ruling.

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In Part 2 we speak with Dr. Bruce Kidd and Dr. Payoshni Mitra, who have advocated for the CAS decision to be overturned. Tune in on Thursday for Part 2 and a new edition of The Rundown.