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The Shakeout Podcast: Extreme Running in the Wilderness City

We take you to Whitehorse, Yukon to run in a city of extremes.

Imagine running in a city where there is nearly 24 hours of daylight. Then, imagine running in a city that is colder than -40 degrees celsius and there are only 5 hours of daylight. There’s one city where, if you stay long enough, you can experience both ends of these extreme conditions: Whitehorse, Yukon. 

Courtesy of Jessie Thomson-Gladish

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Courtesy of Jessie Thomson-Gladish

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Because of these wildly changing states, running in Whitehorse includes unique challenges, but it also offers great adventures for those who can deal with the variable conditions.

On this week’s episode of The Shakeout, we take you to Whitehorse, Yukon, to another great Canadian running city, with ultrarunner and Jessie Thomson-Gladish, who has run in the most extreme conditions in Whitehorse and calls the city her home. 


We would like to thank the Ontario Media Development Corporation for their contributions to this podcast.

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