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The Shakeout Podcast: Inspiring the Next Generation of Runners at Lane 6

The Lane 6 mentorship program was designed to teach at-risk youth about sport and life through running.

The Lane 6 program was a partnership between Canadian Running and Nike. Along with Toronto Community Housing, they created a one-on-one mentorship program, pairing experienced runners from the community with at-risk Toronto youth, aged 7-18. 

Credit: Adias Odonelis
Credit: Adias Odonelis

The mentors, coaches, and students gathered at the Central Tech track for six weeks. This pilot program was designed to give these students an opportunity to run and to develop a passion for running by providing structured training and by emphasizing the importance of setting goals. 

Credit: Aidas Odonelis

On this week’s episode of The Shakeout, we take you to this track in Toronto to learn more about Lane 6 and to meet with one pair from the mentorship program who learned much more than just how to run. 

We would like to thank the Ontario Media Development Corporation for their contributions to this podcast.

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