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The Shakeout Podcast: Strength training for runners, from beginners to Olympians

Brittany Moran

In this episode we talk with 3 elite runners who are also coaches, about the value of incorporating strength training into your running program. Jess O’Connell, Dylan Wykes and Brittany Moran each share some of their favourite exercises. Plus, they offer advice about how to make strength training a realistic part of your week. Whether you’re focusing on the track, training for an ultra marathon, or anything in between, these coaches explain why activation, strength and mobility help every runner stay healthy and perform at their best.

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PAN-AM Games 2015 Toronto. Day One- July 21, 2015- AM Session. Photo: Claus Andersen.

Jess O’Connell is a Calgary-based 5000m specialist and co-owner of Grit Coaching. The Olympian and 2-time Pan Am Games competitor has a masters degree in exercise physiology. She combines her science background with her personal athletic experience to provide her clients with customized programs balancing elements of endurance, strength, motivation, and injury prevention.

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Dylan Wykes has been on the elite marathon scene for the last decade. He represented Canada at the 2012 Olympics, and has a personal best of 2:10:47, one of the fastest times in Canadian history. While living in Vancouver, he co-founded Mile2Marathon, a personalized coaching service that offers both online and in-person consultation. Dylan and his family recently moved to Ottawa, where he continues to help runners of all levels reach their goals.

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Brittany Moran. Photo: Maxine Gravina

Dr. Brittany Moran is a Chiropractor, strength and conditioning specialist, and 2:36 marathoner. Based out of The Runner’s Academy in Toronto, she combines manual therapy, S&C, and her own vast running knowledge to build better runners.

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