The New Balance Vazee Summit: A comfortable fit and dependable choice for runners to take out on the trails this spring and summer.

Vazee Summit

There’s so many things to say about this trail shoe created by New Balance which are soon to be on the market. The first thing a runner is going to notice: just like a lot of recent models by New Balance, these shoes look good. Let’s face it, for most runners, a shoe has to look cool if you’re going to want to lace them up and New Balance is doing exceptionally well in this department.

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Now for the technicalities of this pair. Let’s start with the upper. The Vazee Summit kind of looks like a road shoe at first glance and that’s because of the design of its upper. Runners might associate a chunkier, more structured look with sneakers designed to hit the trail. This one though is sleek without having sacrificed durability. For runners who opt for middle-of the-road shoes in terms of minimal versus structured, this is the type of trail shoe to wear. The Vazee Summit is soft and meshy with a tongue that is connected to the sole which means there are no little gaps for dirt and debris to sneak in. Another design element the brand uses to keep out dirt: laces which do up on the outside rather than weaving through to the inside.

The seamless construction of the upper is another smart choice here. When the trails are tough enough, runners don’t need to add to it by combating chafing, blistering and pressure points. Welded overlays add support to this shoe which wraps around the heel building it up to make it extra durable. Finally, the toe is protected which should increase the lifespan of this pair.

Now for the sole. Again, this is for the person who needs more than a minimal but is looking to avoid the heavier support of a structured trail shoe. If you’re a runner who can’t stand the clunky feel on the bottom, this shoe is for you. Turn this one over and you’ll notice the lug are wider and strategically placed to be able to grip onto roots or rocks when loose debris causes a runner to lose their footing.

All in all, New Balance has created a shoe that checks the boxes in multiple categories. It’s going to provide a comfortable fit and is a dependable choice for runners to take out on the trails this spring and summer. The Vazee Summit is proof that trail shoes don’t have to be brick-like to stand up to tough terrain.


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