Shoe company Skechers is making headlines again for a lawsuit regarding patent infringements against another footwear giant.

The brand has just lost a lawsuit filed by Adidas where Skechers was accused of copying Adidas designs– the well-known Stan Smith being one of them.

The brand is forbidden from selling two of their styles which has already been discontinued. Their term “Supernova,” one which has become nearly synonymous with an Adidas style, is also prohibited.

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“It involves only three minor and commercially insignificant Skechers styles that have already been discontinued, and does not create any disruption in our business,” said Michael Greenberg, the company’s president.

He added that this decision won’t impact the brand from a business standpoint but nevertheless, he says the company is disappointed in the outcome and plans to appeal it. Greenberg says that Skechers should be allowed to use common design elements that are in the public domain.

In September, Adidas sued Skechers in Oregon because they claimed that Skechers’ Supernova shoes were an infringement on their intellectual rights.

Last month, Nike announced that they were suing Skechers for copying their Flyknit and Burst models.


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