Meet Aric Van Halen. This son of  Van Halen drummer, Alex Van Halen, didn’t inherit his dad’s talent for music. Instead, he shines on the track.


Courtesy of Aric Van Halen

Aric Van Halen is 26, from Los Angeles and is the son of Van Halen drummer Alex Van Halen.

That he’s the son of a well-known drummer is intriguing but what’s also impressive is his running ability.

Starting to run during his freshman year of high school, Aric caught the attention of the gym teacher after running a 6:05 mile for a fitness test. The coach suggested Aric come out for the cross-country team.

His potential talent turned into real ability. With some training, he became the school’s top runner by the end of the season. In the spring he had to decide whether or not he’s run track or go for the baseball team.

“I decided to try out for the baseball team and halfway through tryouts I realized the love of the game wasn’t there anymore. So I informed the baseball coach at the end of the day that I wouldn’t be back the next day and I would be doing track. Twelve years later I’m still running track,” he says.

The running continued after he left that school and headed to the University of Colorado. The lanky blonde runner with a talent for the steeplechase ran his best time in the event while running against Canadian Olympian Taylor Milne.

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Aric Van Halen’s PBs

800m                           1:52.54

1500m                         3:44.42

Mile                             4:03.52

3,000m                         7:53.74 (indoors)

3,000m steeplechase           8:32.92

5,000m                         14:01.54

I got chance to ask Aric a few questions:

NP:  What are your race and running goals for 2016?

AVH: I’m not 100 per cent sure yet. I’m still trying to get fit and ready for the U.S. Olympic Trials. But I’ll probably do Payton Jordan, hopefully Oxy High Performance and maybe do a 1,500 somewhere between then and the Trials, and then hopefully do the Trials. I don’t currently have a standard since I missed all of last season with an injury but I’m fairly confident I can get to 8:30 shape by May. My goal this season is to PR, in everything, and a top 5 finish at the Olympic Trials.

NP: Does attention from your family name ever distract from running or other goals?

AVH: I don’t really find it a distraction. I get asked about it a lot, “Oh sweet last name are you related?” Stuff like that and depending on the situation or the mood I’ll say yes or no. It happens at the airport a lot of the time, when they’re looking at my ticket and ID. One ticket lady even sang Panama to me while she printed out my ticket because I was her “captive audience.” But all in all, people who know me know I don’t talk about it much and I can get a little uncomfortable when asked about it.

NP:  What motivates you to run and push yourself?

AVH: My motivation to run and push myself is a combination of passion for the sport and an intense competitiveness. I like running a lot, especially when you’re healthy and fit, but what I LOVE is racing. People can argue PRs and tactics and race situations all they want, but when it comes down to it, racing is pure: the gun goes off and the first person to cross the line is the winner and there are very few things like the rush of coming around the last turn, in what feels like full sprint, going for the win.

Aric is currently a photographer and cameraman and running after his dreams of running even faster.

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