Photo: Kevin Mackinnon.

Today, it’s the day for dads.

As the annual celebration honouring fathers and fatherhood falls on a Sunday, there will be thousands of runners participating in races across the country, the Manitoba Marathon, for example, to kick off Father’s Day. Here’s a quick rundown, and by no means an exhaustive list, of select Canadian dads who competed internationally or are well-known on the nation’s running scene.

Reid Coolsaet – Second fastest Canadian marathoner in history

Eric Gillis – Three-time Olympian

Photo: Kevin Mackinnon.

Calum Neff – Guinness World Record holder for fastest marathon, half-marathon pushing a stroller

Calum Neff

Photo: Adam Wojtkowiak.

Nate Brannen – Three-time Olympian

Photo: Kevin Mackinnon.

Gary Robbins – Accomplished trail runner

Barkley Marathons

Photo: Michael Doyle.

Dylan Wykes – 2:10:47 marathoner

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