For many athletic women, shopping for the sports bra that caters to all individual needs is no easy task. It’s undeniable that sports bra designs have come a long way from what it used to be– gone are the days where cookie cutter, non-adjustable bras were the only option.

But even with all our advancements, many women still complain that they cannot find the perfect product. One company is hoping to solve bra problems by putting a new and innovative product on the market– and it has become the most funded fashion product on Kickstarter.

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The brand, Knix Wear, teased their product for six months and in the first month on Kickstarter, they raised over one million U.S. dollars. That makes it the most successful apparel-related project on the crowdfunding site.

Knix Wear is calling it the “world’s most advanced bra.” The head of Knix Wear, Joanna Griffiths, said that the success of the campaign was a pleasant surprise.

What the brand is aiming to do is offer women a low impact model that is airy and breathable and will serve its purpose in the gym while also transitioning well to daily office wear. It is built without an under wire which many women find uncomfortable or restricting. Other features include sweat-wicking, odor repelling fabric and, perhaps most importantly, material that will form to each woman’s specific body shape.

After having tested the bra on more than 70 women who also had input during the design phase, Knix Wear is fairly confident with their final design.

Right now the bra is retailing for US $55 which comes in both solid and graphic options. So far, the Kickstarter campaign has received US $1,105,177.


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