A Colorado runner changes his Facebook photo only to see it Photoshopped by his Facebook friends over 60 times. Meet Stephen Pretak, the new meme of running.

How many times in a year (or even month) do you change your profile picture on social media? For many of us, it’s fairly mindless. Like a new photo of yourself? Great. New profile pic. Done.

But for Stephen Pretak, a runner in Fort Collins, Colorado, there was a little more to it than that. He changed his Facebook profile picture on Feb. 3 not knowing that it would become Photoshop fodder for his friends– who are apparently quite skilled in image manipulation.

They have Photoshopped it into recognizable scenes from famous movies or other funny scenarios over 60 times… and counting.

Pretak’s photo is quite a nice one. He looks great, running in breezy purple shorts at the Black Squirrel Half in Fort Collins. The race features rolling terrain and a 1,500 foot climb. He’s also donning a Ciele Athletics hat– the well-known running hat brand from Montreal.

Pretak is originally from Connecticut and has been running competitively for 16 years. He’s enjoying seeing his friends’ creativity as the edited photos keep rolling in.

“I am flattered and very grateful to have friends who are taking time out of their days to do this. These photos are hilarious, every time someone posts one I’m excited to see what they’ve done,” says Pretak.Pretak13

What are his favourites so far?

“That’s tough. The one of me as Jesus from The Big Lebowski is great because my friend had a still from the movie that matched my arms exactly,” says Pretak.

“The other that comes to mind is the Godzilla one (above). If you look closely, you can see another photo of me on the bottom (from a different race) running away from Godzilla.”

As of right now, manipulated photos of Pretak running continue to pop up. We’re kind of hoping he’s the new running meme… But as for his personal Facebook, he says he’ll think twice about what he posts.

“I’m sure the next time I change my profile picture, I’ll second guess it. …You probably won’t see a photo of me doing yoga any time soon,” he says.

While we love Pretak’s profile photo, below are some of our favourite Photoshopped versions:

All photos courtesy of Stephen Pretak.













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