The Shakeout Podcast: Al Howie: The greatest Canadian ultra runner you’ve never heard of

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Every running community has its legends. In the world of Canadian mega-endurance, icons like Terry Fox and Rick Hansen are household names. These athletes captivated the imagination of the country, redefining the limits of […]

The mega-distance aliens of years gone by

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The author of a new book about Al Howie, who in 1991 ran across Canada faster than anyone before or since, introduces us to a world of mega-distance running that has all but disappeared

10 of Al Howie’s most mind-boggling achievements in ultrarunning

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In the first biography of Al Howie ever published, writer Jared Beasley details Howie’s troubled life and his near-unbelievable feats of running

Dave Proctor announces a second cross-Canada speed record attempt

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The world and Canadian record-holder and Outrun Rare founder plans to try again on May 18, 2020, this time starting in Newfoundland

Canadian ultrarunner Al Howie’s story to be revealed in new book

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Jared Beasley’s book is the first to examine not just Howie’s incredible feats of running, but who he really was

Dave Proctor’s cross-Canada trip ends in Halifax with mixed emotions

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Ultrarunner whose cross-Canada speed record quest was curtailed by a back injury will now fly home to Calgary for treatment

Dave Proctor unable to complete cross-Canada run

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Proctor won’t continue on foot, but still plans to reach the East coast and fulfill his goal of bringing awareness to the rare disease community

Dave Proctor arrives in Calgary to a hero’s welcome after 11 days of running

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Hundreds greet ultrarunner at Calgary whistlestop on cross-Canada speed record journey

Canada’s Dave Proctor runs 358K in 48 hours, still going

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The Alberta runner is running towards the Canadian 72-hour and 144-hour records at a race in Arizona

Remembering Al Howie, one of Canada’s all-time great ultramarathoners

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Canadian Al Howie, one of the country’s all-time distance running greats, passed away on Tuesday in Duncan, B.C. at the age of 70.