Running hungover: how to deal

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Tips and tricks for optimizing your sub-optimal run

Track and field athletes cited as “aggressive” when drinking

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Russian anti-doping agency bans drinking during doping control

What does alcohol actually do to a runner’s body?

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A look at what actually happens to your body after a night of overindulgence

No safe level of alcohol consumption: sobering news for runners who drink

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Risks associated with alcohol are hardly news, yet latest findings are negative about even very moderate consumption

Thirty years ago, one man convinced me to trade my alcohol addiction for running. This is how it happened:

January 17th, 2018 by Rusty Smith | Posted in Musings of a Veteran Runner | 3 Comments »

Three decades ago, Rusty Smith put the bottle down. When one man recognized his efforts to curb his alcohol addiction, he convinced him to sign up for a marathon by bribing him with a cross-Canada flight in a fighter jet

How the holiday cups of cheer affect your run routine

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How does drinking affect your running? Heading into a holiday long weekend, we got you the scoop before you say thanks for the second cup of spiced cider.

Running sober: “The feelings I used to numb with alcohol, I now control through running.”

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A few months ago, I put out a call looking for runners with a story to tell. Christa Davidson, a fellow Canadian runner I met via social media replied. Her positive attitude just came through from her […]

Exercise more, drink more

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Do you like to go out for a beer after a long run with friends? You’re not alone, according to an odd new survey done by Northwestern Medicine. Previous looks at links between physical activity […]

Study: impulsive behaviours linked to overeating, food addiction

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The same personality traits that can cause drug and alcohol abuse are those that can cause overeating. New research from the University of Georgia has determined, somewhat unsurprisingly, that impulsivity is a personality trait […]