How runners should be breathing

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How runners can get the most out of every breath

Why you should try wearing nasal strips in your next race

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They could be your new secret weapon

Pre-race meditation: 3 breathing techniques to calm your nerves.

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In preparation for a race, we might spend hundreds of hours training. While yoga increases strength and flexibility of the body, it also does this for the mind. Pre-race nerves can affect both new […]

10 things to think about while running

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Your running time can be used in several different ways. You can run to meditate, run to eat your favourite foods or to mentally prepare for race day. Before you head out for a […]

How to control breathing while running

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Breathing. It’s the first thing you learn how to do when you’re born and is a body function so natural that you forget you’re even doing it. For many runners, that’s the problem. When you forget about […]

Cold weather running – What you need to know

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Here are a five common questions and concerns about running in the cold and snow. We provide you with what you need to know as well as offer some simple solutions to help cope […]