Scrumptious meals for hangry trail runners

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Some mouth-watering ideas for fuelling for the trails

Fuel during your long run to get it right for race day

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Don’t underestimate the value and importance of fueling during a long run or race. Practice fueling in training to get it right for race day.

What’s a race plan, and do I need one?

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You may have heard the expression “failing to plan is planning to fail.” It may seem a bit extreme, but there’s no doubt of the value of having a race plan. Whether you’re a […]

Fueling for the half-marathon: do I need gels for 21.1K?

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Some guidance on nutrition for your first long race

Top tips to support the newly serious runner

April 6th, 2018 by Meaghan Archer | Posted in One Step At A Time | No Comments »

Your pre-run prep and post-run recovery habits have as much impact on your success as the kilometres you log

What you didn’t know about your favourite race day food

October 25th, 2017 by Sinead Mulhern | Posted in Health & Nutrition | 1 Comment »

You eat them before every Sunday long run and after each major race, but how much do you really know about your favourite food?

Why I wrote about body image as a small-boned woman

September 13th, 2017 by Tara Campbell | Posted in Gotta Run! | 1 Comment »

When she wrote about accepting herself at her new size, her words became heavily criticized. Now, this petite woman writes about why there needs to be room for her voice in discussions about body image issues.

Make berry season count with a fresh blueberry banana bread snack

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Each slice will be bursting with fresh, juicy flavour

Avoiding classic food fails when your endurance event is longer than the marathon

July 5th, 2017 by Jessica Kuepfer | Posted in MissAdventures, Trail Running | No Comments »

Going to be out for a distance event longer than the marathon? Take any of these tips to get the fuelling spot on.

Try these sesame rice balls for a chewy flavourful alternative to gels

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Change up your fuelling plan by trying these flavoured rice balls as an alternative to sports gels.

Here’s how Gary Robbins fuelled between laps at the Barkley Marathons

April 1st, 2017 by Canadian Running | Posted in Trail Running | No Comments »

Linda Robbins gives us the rundown of Gary’s nutrition between the first and second loops of the 2017 Barkley Marathons.

Upgrade your morning with tea-infused oatmeal

March 27th, 2017 by Kimberley Doerksen | Posted in Blogs, Feed the Run, Health & Nutrition | 1 Comment »

Tea-infused oatmeal is a thing. Your mornings just got way better.