The ridiculously long grocery list of runners training in Kenya

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What a group of seven Canadian runners ate during one week of training in Iten

How a newly launched Kenyan shoe company is bringing change to the nation

September 12th, 2017 by Noel Paine | Posted in Running Shoes | No Comments »

Kenya has established itself as the running mecca of the world. This year, one running duo has launched their shoe brand- Enda- to make the country’s running credentials benefit more than just their reputation

Fire damages a portion of the world’s most famous distance running school

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It’s being reported that a fire damaged a dormitory at St. Patrick’s High School, the world’s most famous running school, in Kenya today.

Best photos from Canadian marathoner Reid Coolsaet’s Kenya trip

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Canada’s top male marathon runner at the moment, Reid Coolsaet, just finished a training camp in Iten, Kenya and took some awesome photos while overseas.

Giving back: Reid Coolsaet distributes running gear to locals in Kenya

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Canadian marathon runner Reid Coolsaet went around a local community in Kenya handing out apparel and footwear on behalf of a Canadian charity.

Canada’s two best marathoners calling Iten, Kenya home for the winter

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Two of Canada’s top marathoners, Reid Coolsaet and Lanni Marchant, are training in Iten, Kenya in preparation for the 2016 outdoor season.

Running down a dream

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Canadian runner and coach Kate Gustafson is in Iten, Kenya, training with some of Canada’s top athletes. She put together this video of the time she’s spent in the East African country. Chasing goals […]

Lanni Marchant training in Kenya with top American marathoner

January 13th, 2014 by Scott Leitch | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments »

After a stellar 2013 that saw her take down the Canadian women’s marathon record, Lanni Marchant is now looking forward to 2014. The London, Ont., native has begun a six-week training camp in Kenya […]

World and Olympic champion to be arrested for assault

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Kenya’s Asbel Kiprop, an Olympic champion over 1500m in 2008, is set to be charged and arrested after allegedly beating up a night guard and brandishing a pistol at a local bar in Iten, […]