Joe Strummer was a runner

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Strummer ran three marathons before his untimely death, from a heart defect, at age 50. His approach to fuelling was somewhat unconventional

PHOTO GALLERY: Niagara Falls International Marathon

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The Niagara Falls International Marathon is the dual country race to mark on your calendar

This is your BMO Vancouver Marathon 2018

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Photos, posts and impressions by those taking part in some of the year’s most scenic marathon, half-marathon and 8K distances

Where should I stay in Boston next year?

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Finding suitable accommodation on marathon weekend might be almost as much of a challenge as qualifying

Thirty years ago, one man convinced me to trade my alcohol addiction for running. This is how it happened:

January 17th, 2018 by Rusty Smith | Posted in Musings of a Veteran Runner | 3 Comments »

Three decades ago, Rusty Smith put the bottle down. When one man recognized his efforts to curb his alcohol addiction, he convinced him to sign up for a marathon by bribing him with a cross-Canada flight in a fighter jet

Australian sets snazzy new record for fastest marathon in a suit

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The record for running the fastest marathon in a suit has again been lowered and is highly impressive at 3:53/K

After ending up over-trained and burnt out, I let my son dictate my workouts. Here’s what happened:

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After burning out in spring, one runner let her son become her new workout buddy. Here’s what workouts look like on a ten-year-old’s schedule.

Why has the average marathon time slowed down so much?

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A new study of several thousand marathon finishers showed that American marathoners have slowed by more than twenty minutes in the past 20 years

2017 Boston Marathon elite cheat sheet: Rachel Hannah

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With the 2017 Boston Marathon coming up, fans need to know who will be on the start line. Who are this year’s elites and what should you know about them?

VIDEO: Robert Hardy runs first marathon with a walker

June 24th, 2016 by Sinead Mulhern | Posted in Inspiration, Running videos | 6 Comments »

It has been said many times before that racing isn’t purely about getting the fastest time of the pack. Those who doubt this concept should sit down and chat with Robert Hardy. Hardy showed […]

Global running day stats about runners around the world

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For global running day, we are looking at statistics on marathon runners across the world. How do Canadians compare to runners of other nations?

The Manitoba Marathon 2013 – Fargo Style

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I know what you are thinking, Fargo is not in Manitoba, nor is it in Canada. It is in fact a small city about 2 hours south of the border in North Dakota, but it definitely deserves to be a honorary Canadian city on Marathon weekend. As hundreds of Canadians flock south from Manitoba, NW Ontario and Saskatchewan annually to take part in this event.