Fuelling for faster times? New study suggests maybe not

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It is a commonly held belief amongst runners that taking carbohydrates both before and during a race is a key component of success. However a recent review of over 16,600 articles pertaining to carbohydrate use by athletes during sport performance yielded some surprising results.

Weight loss myths and misconceptions: Separating fact from fiction

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Differentiating between the facts and the fiction on obesity and weight loss has important implications for how we should think and ultimately act when it comes to obesity prevention, management and treatment.

The benefits of going (mostly) barefoot: Increased running economy?

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A recent study found that a 4-week introduction of simulated barefoot running (using Vibram Fivefingers) by a group of trained male runners was in fact able to significantly improve running economy.

No pain, no gain: Positive perceptions of pain increase tolerance

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Pain is inevitably a part of what we do as runners, but how we perceive that pain and our willingness to embrace it may have important implications.