Even after 1,000 marathons, running isn’t bad for your knees

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A new study finds marathoners’ knees free of osteoarthritis

Knee pain in runners: new theories on patellofemoral pain syndrome

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Why the clamshell exercise may not be helping

Five of the most frequently occurring running injuries and how to treat them

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Getting injured is, unfortunately, a common reality for many runners. Here are the most common running injuries as well as what to do about them

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome: The last thing a runner *kneeds*

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This is among the most common running-related injuries and involves dull achy pain in and around the kneecap

Researchers learning how the IT band helps us run

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The iliotibial band, for all the problems it seems to cause runners, is quite important. Reachers at Harvard recently published two studies on how the IT band stores energy and the differences from how chimpanzees’ […]

Why knees hurt in cold weather

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Q: My knee hurts during cold-weather running. What’s going on?  A: You’ve heard it before: strength straining and stretching are your friends. A nagging runner’s knee can be a sign that you need to […]

Study: Shin splints most common injury among new runners

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It seems like every runner has struggled with shin splints at some point in the past, but it’s not only an ailment that plagues those logging big mileage or who have been running for […]

Demystifying runner’s knee

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Over the last decade, Vancouver writer Paul Ingraham has grown painscience.com to be one of the most robust pain and injury resources online. Ingraham has meticulously researched and produced hundreds of articles about common […]

Runner’s Knee: An irritating problem

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If you’re a runner, chances are you’ve had pain in your knee.

Hip to the core

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It can be hard to determine the underlying cause, but one thing’s clear: runners are often stricken by overuse injuries. Several studies have reported that 50–60 per cent of all runners will sustain a […]