The U Sports gender equity outcome: women 8K, men 10K

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The decision is in, and it’s not one that some runners or coaches were hoping for

2017 Golden Shoe Awards: High Schooler of the Year – Brogan MacDougall

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Brogan MacDougall, a once in a generation-calibre high school runner, earns a Golden Shoe Award for the second consecutive year

VIDEO: The gut-wrenching Highway 2 McDonald’s Challenge

March 20th, 2017 by Tim Huebsch | Posted in Running videos | 1 Comment »

You’ll understand why the Highway 2 McDonald’s Challenge in Kingston, Ont. has become an annual tradition after watching this recap.

Ontario university coaches vote to increase women’s cross-country distance

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According to Queen’s University coach, Steve Boyd, the Ontario university cross-country women’s races will be moved to 8K in 2017 and 2018.

Queen’s to host Canada’s first-ever university cross-country meet with equal distances for men and women

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The Queen’s Invitational in Kingston, Ont. on Saturday is expected to be the first-ever North American cross-country collegiate meet with equal distances among men and women (photo: Maxine Gravina).

15-year-old Brogan MacDougall runs incredible 16:30 5K in a race with Olympians

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Brogan MacDougall, who just began grade 11, placed an impressive fifth at the Canadian 5K road championships against women twice her age (photo: George Aitkin).

How easy is easy running? Two coaches debate

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There’s No Such Thing As Too Easy By John Lofranco You can’t run too slow on your easy days. Generally speaking, the fastest you want to go is about 75 seconds per k slower […]