Top tips to support the newly serious runner

April 6th, 2018 by Meaghan Archer | Posted in One Step At A Time | No Comments »

Your pre-run prep and post-run recovery habits have as much impact on your success as the kilometres you log

Tight shoulders got you down?

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If sitting at the office all week has your shoulders tense and tight, these stretches will loosen things up.

Training tips: Add dynamic stretches to your running routine

June 16th, 2015 by Dan Way | Posted in Running Training Plans, Training | No Comments »

We all know the importance of each and every mile we run. Easy running builds an aerobic base and helps recover for and from harder efforts. Speedy stuff such as hills, intervals or tempo […]

Post-race stretch

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After crossing the finish line of a race, an inevitable sequence of events ensues: First, you’re given a medal for successfully completing the race. Next you walk through the barrage of water and sports […]

Are you neglecting your other half?

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As runners we tend to focus a great deal of our energy and attention on our legs. While our lower half largely drives running, our upper bodies play a key role. Tight chests and […]

The piriformis: small muscle but large pain in the butt

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The piriformis is a small but mighty muscle with the ability to derail your running. Why is this muscle important? Runners, particularly those who run great distances, can experience intense pain in their buttocks, […]

Rest, release and stretch the psoas

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Few runners are familiar with the anatomy of their own sport. Often it isn’t until encountering a problem that we’re are forced to research a particular muscle, tendon or joint. Perhaps it wasn’t until […]

Best moves for joint mobility

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By Jon-Erik Kawamoto Your skeleton is essentially a stack of joints. By design, certain joints are meant to move more while others are meant to stabilize. Prolonged sitting while at work or when travelling […]

Stretch it out

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By Kristin Kent How many times have you heard that yoga’s good for runners? We transcend the hype to find out what the fuss is about. “So you’re saying cut mileage – for yoga? […]