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10 elite runners rock social media

Proof that there was a time when Gary Robbins was beardless.

Some of our favourite elites from the running scene are proving that track and road racing aren’t their only strong suits: they’re quite the gurus on their social media platforms too. As elites racing on the international level, it’s pretty important to promote themselves through twitter and Instagram and grow their fans base. Social feeds can be overwhelming with so many wise words and great photos storming in. It can be hard to see everything but these ten athletes certainly caught our eye. As if we needed more reasons to love them even more…

Caster Semenya

Semenya outlines the importance of keeping the mental strength on point – something that runners of all abilities need to check in on.

Sage Watson

True to form, Watson thanks her fans and updates them on her high points. This one’s never out of touch.

Evan Dunfee

Evan Dunfee looks back on Rio and keeps it real about his performance this year in London. Disappointment is part of the game. No one is immune but Dunfee’s words show how poised and classy he is in low moments.


August 19th, 2016 was the greatest day of my life. One year on and I’m still coming to grips with my performance last weekend in London. To say I am devastated would be an understatement, it completely shattered me. I had no contingency plan, my own fault, it was medal or nothing. When my body started to falter and a medal slipped from my grasp, my mind completely crumbled and my body soon followed. The last 2 years I’ve done an admirable job of dissociating my happiness from being based solely on my performance in training and racing, it wasn’t perfect but I was making good progress. This year, more specifically these last few months, entering London as a favourite for a medal I slipped back into my old ways. Poor training led to a poor demeanor and that had the tendency to spiral downwards. Moving forward, as I put myself back together piece by piece, the priority will be on making sure, first and foremost, that I am happy with what I am doing. I will bounce back, I always do, I just need to make a plan this time to ensure any changes actually stick. Finally, thank you to everyone who continues to support me despite this setback. It was amazing last year to see the outpouring of support post Rio, but more amazing this year to see who’s sticking around to support me when I’m at my lowest.

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Brianne Theisen-Eaton

Soon after their retirement, Brianne Theisen-Eaton and husband Ashton are making a big life change: a move to San Francisco. Fun fact: she’s also running the Chicago Marathon.

Lanni Marchant

Lanni just convinced us to go buy a pair of roller blades.

Matt Hughes

Here’s to winging it!

Wayde van Niekerk

400m speed on point. Pretzel making ability seriously lacking.

Sheila Reid

Someone please get this girl to a dock.

Gary Robbins

Gary Robbins celebrates nine years since his first 100-miler. More importantly though, this is what his face looks like without a beard. Whoa.

Usain Bolt

The king of track just celebrated his birthday. Appropriately his friends doused him in champagne. Fair enough.


What time to be alive 🙌🏽🙌🏽 @ghmumm shower 💫💯🤣⚡️#BirthdayVibe #blessed ##GiveThanks

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