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10 things you’ll inevitably have to explain to your non-running partner

The conversations you've certainly had with the non-runner you're dating

If you’re engaged in a romantic relationship with a non-runner and you yourself are a runner, there’s a very good chance that you had to slowly introduce them to the hobby (obsession) that takes up a lot of your free time. You kept it quiet at first, told them you run but didn’t bother to explain how much of your time/money/emotional energy goes into this hobby of yours.

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Below are a few key points that you will inevitably have to explain to this kind and patient person as your relationship progresses. If you’ve recently entered into a relationship with a runner, consider this fair warning.

I’m always busy on Sunday mornings

You know the time in most relationships that’s reserved for cozy couple time? That time for runners is reserved for a long run–always and forever.

I’ll never go on a trip without running shoes


Why walk a new city when you could run it?

I eat six to seven meals a day

Runners usually consume the classic three meals a day, but those meals are punctuated by snacks that are large enough to be called a small feast.

I have baby food in my cabinets but don’t have a baby

Baby food is easy to digest and something runners will commonly slurp back before a run or for a quick recovery snack.

I live alone but have eight to 14 pairs of running shoes in my foyer

They all serve a very individual and specific purpose. They’re also organized by age, colour and stench-level.

Holidays are taken to race destinations

Most of your holidays will be taken to the location where your running partner has a race. Sometimes these places are lovely, and other times they’re in a field in small-town American where your only food option is a Waffle House.

Please don’t make me choose between spending time with you and getting my run done

This will sometimes mean that couple time is spent on said run.

If I don’t answer my phone for a long time I’m probably taking a monstrous nap

If your new partner happens to be a runner, there can be long periods of radio silence that are the result of long-run-induced fatigue.

I’m sorry for the stuff I said when I was nervous

Before a race a runner can easily become agitated and a little snappy. Proceed with caution ahead of their goal race (especially if the aforementioned race required a 16-week build).

I’m a better version of myself post-run

Even though the need to run can be hard to understand for someone who doesn’t, we promise that your runner significant other will be a nicer, kinder and more patient version of themselves after a good run or workout.

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