Have you ever had everything go wrong in one morning? You wake up late, you spill your coffee, you forget your lunch and then to top it all off, you’re late for the bus. As you approach the stop, you see the bus rolling up. You’ve got 150m left to go, you need to make this bus, but can you? Of course you can–you’re a runner. 

Hours of running training can pay off in unexpected ways. We did a Twitter and Facebook call out to Canadian Running readers to see when being a runner has paid off in their everyday lives. For some, running has changed their lives dramatically. For others, running has helped them through a difficult time. And then there are the people who have become really good at catching the bus. 

Below are 10 ways that running has helped our readers in their everyday lives. 

When you have to keep kids in their place:


Navigating Costco chaos:

Getting time off at work:

The catalyst for a life-altering change:

Helping you through a difficult time:

Seeing history in the making:

Keeping the streets safe:

Getting home in a timely manner while serving the greater good:

When you want to win the wedding reception:

And when it literally pays:




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