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10-year-old boy sets single-age world record over 10 miles

Patrick Geagan ran a 1:05:48 at a 10-mile race in Massachusetts in February

How far could you run when you were 10 years old? At that age, cross-country races are around three kilometres, so that’s where most 10-year-olds would probably max out. That’s not the case for Patrick Geagan, who ran 1:05:48 at a 10-mile race in Foxborough, Mass., in February to set a world single age record for the distance.

Patrick Geagan approaching the finish line in Foxborough.
Photo: Andrew Geagan

Geagan has been running since he was five years old, when he joined the youth program at the Quincy Track Club. He also plays basketball and soccer, but running is his main love. His passion for running began at a young age when his parents pushed him around in a stroller.

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“Patrick always wanted to get out and run,” says his father, Andrew Geagan. His father says Patrick has always been motivated to run his hardest and do his best.

Photo: Andrew Geagan

“By nature he is very competitive,” he says. “Running well and winning really boosts his confidence.” Reluctance to train is never an issue for Geagan, and his parents find that they have to “slow him down” from time to time when he wants to train too much.

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“I want to win and get more records,” says the younger Geagan. “I’d also like to go to the Olympics.” His world record time over the 10 miles, or 16 kilometres, works out to an average pace of 4:05 per kilometre.

Geagan had run one other 10-mile race before his record-breaking run in February, and although he has never run farther, he hopes to eventually move up in distance.

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“If he had his way he’d be running marathons,” his father says. “We’ll support wherever he wants it to take him, however, due to his young age, we attempt to limit him.”

It should also be noted that, as can be seen in the race photos, Geagan sported a pair of Nike Vaporflys, adding yet another result to the carbon-plated shoe’s tally of world records.

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