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19 Russian track and field athletes busted for doping

It is not known how many of the athletes are, or were, Russian national team members

On Monday the deputy director of Russia’s anti-doping agency (RUSADA), Margarita Pakhnotskaya, announced doping charges against 33 Russian athletes, 19 of them track and field athletes, according to a CBC Sports report. The athletes were not named, but Pakhnotskaya told the Associated Press that some were national team members.

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The athletes, who all train at a sports academy in Chuvashia in central Russia that is known for track and field. They are accused of receiving intravenous infusions of various substances from a female doctor, who was also reported to authorities for inducing athletes to dope. A number of the athletes are underage. But RUSADA later said the case was closed, since the doctor had not been informed that the infusions were banned.

International anti-doping rules prohibit intravenous infusions of over 100 mL in 12 hours except with a valid medical reason, even if the substance itself isn’t normally banned.

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