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The best of #GlobalRunningDay

Here are some of the coolest things happening today, the informal runner's holiday

While many of us are used to lacing up and getting out for a run every day, if there’s ever one day to NOT miss, it’s today. June 7 is Global Running Day. Even though, many of us have a goal to sweat each day, having one dedicated day to hype of the sport gives many of us a much-needed motivational boost. This year, there are several dedicated events that aim for make runners proud. Here’s a snapshot of what’s going on. Not attending one of these? Share your run with us and tag us on social.

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New Balance brings out Canada’s best for social meet-up

Some familiar faces will be appearing in Toronto to run with New Balance for Global Running Day. If there’s ever a time to feel inspired, it’s running alongside some of the country’s Olympians and top distance runners. New Balance put two events on the schedule for today. This evening’s one happens at 6:00 p.m. on the city’s east end. Runners will be joined by Eric Gillis, Rachel Hannah and Dayna Pidhoresky for a fun opportunity to change up the training run. 


Under Armour encourages runners to play hooky

If you’re pulling a Ferris Bueller to get in some extra mileage today, congrats: you just won Global Running Day. The brand, which recently signed the top Canadian woman in the marathon, Lanni Marchant, encourages runners to take a “sick day” today. Cute. 

Lululemon sparks curiosity all over Toronto

OK this test truck just looks cool. To celebrate Global Running Day, Lululemon hosted a run in Toronto and brought a truck equipped with a treadmill to different locations in the city. Missed the a.m. session? That’s fine. Just meet up with them at Riverdale park at 5:30 p.m. 

Brooks gives recognition to the middle of the packers

Brooks is pumped about some pretty big news today. Where we are used to hearing about big-deal athletes getting the sponsorship deals, the running brand has turned this idea on its head by offering endorsement deals to lesser known runners today. (See the below video to learn more.) Oh, and with this news, we’re going to offer a congratulations to one of our favourite runners/bloggers. Michelle Kempton, a Nova Scotia-based runner, longtime contributor and race director of the drop dead gorgeous Maritime Race Weekend has landed herself a deal. Nice!

Other happenings

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series goes on sale

The Rock’n’ Roll race series is a global roster of events with one special race in Canada. The Montreal Rock ‘n’ Roll half is a destination race on the top of many runners’ lists for good reason. The sale is on only for 24 hours so sign up while you can.

ASICS loads on the freebies

Win yourself a free pair of kicks, headphones, and a Run Keeper subscription. If there was ever a day to be a runner, it’s today.

New York Road Runners hosts a wacky challenge

A 24 hour treadmill challenge? That is a nightmare for many runners. Kudos to the New York Road Runners for hosting this crazy challenge. Watch them count down the final seconds below. 

The IAAF gets competitive

Our international athletics federation of course has to come up with a creative way to participate in the day that celebrates our sport. According to the governing body’s social media, they rallied a group of runners to run a cumulative 242 kilometres in one hour.