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21 reasons to start running in 2021

To all you prospective runners out there, we promise you won't regret the decision to join the running community

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In 2020, Canada and the rest of the world experienced a running boom when COVID-19 hit. All of a sudden, people who hadn’t run in years (or had never run at all) got into the sport, and many of them are sticking with it. If you haven’t joined the running world yet, here are 21 reasons to do so in 2021. So tell your friends, your family and anyone else who you want to give running a try, because there are so many reasons to get started in this fun and challenging sport. 

1. It’s something to do

Other than working, watching TV and eating, there’s not much to do during lockdown. Luckily, running is a safe activity that will give you something to mix things up during these strange times. 

2. It helps you create good habits 

Do you find yourself hitting the snooze button over and over again until you only have five minutes to get ready for work? Running can break you out of that trend, and morning runs will help you become an early-riser. We’re not saying you’ll like getting out of bed before the sun has come up, but you’ll at least get better at it.  

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3. You get to join a new community

Whether you join a run club (when it’s safe run in groups again), find some running buddies or stick to running on your own, you’ll automatically become part of the greater running community. 

4. It could be your calling

Maybe you’ve got a knack for running long and far. You’ll never know until you try. 

5. It’s addictive

Even if you hate it at first, if you stick with running, you’ll quickly fall in love with it. 

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6. You can test out races this year

Going to your first race can be intimidating. This year, you can test out racing virtually before eventually diving into in-person events, which will give you a taste of racing before you get the real-life experience. 

7. It’s pretty much free

Races of course cost money, but the act of running itself is free. As long as you have shoes, you’re good to go (although it is worth investing in the right shoes for you). 

8. Gyms are closed

You can’t work out at the gym or any other athletic facilities, so running is probably your best option to keep fit during the pandemic. 

9. You can experience the runner’s high

You’ve heard people talk about it, but now is your chance to experience the runner’s high for yourself. 

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10. It’s a chance to be adventurous

You can test out all kinds of running. Will you be a trail runner, a trackie or a road runner? Will you stick to shorter runs like the 5K, or will you work toward the marathon or even longer races? It’s a world of opportunity out there, and you get to explore it. 

11. You can make it a family (or household) outing

You can rope your family or roommates into becoming runners, too. It’ll be the start of your own exclusive run club.

12. You can also go alone 

Working off the family point, you also have the option to run all alone. We get it, you’re stuck at home with the same people day after day. Running can be your daily break from everyone else as you get some alone time. 

13. See what you can accomplish

You’re starting fresh in this sport. Get going and see what you can work up to in the coming months. 

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14. You can go at your own pace

In other sports (like stick-and-ball sports), you have to keep up with everyone else. In running, you can go at whatever pace you like. 

15. You can compete with yourself

You’re your own biggest competitor. It can be fun to first set and then beat your own personal bests.

16. It’ll actually make you want to watch marathons

We know that right now, watching a marathon is probably super low on your list of things you’d like to do. Once you know what it’s like to run hard, though, live marathons will become must-see events.

17. You can do it year-round 

Some sports are seasonal, but you can run 365 days of the year. 

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18. It can get you to work

Lots of people run to and from work. Maybe this will be your new preferred way to commute every day. It’s way cheaper than public transit or gas. 

19. You get post-run beers

Many running groups indulge with a beer after each run. 

20. You’ll see the sunrise 

When was the last time you saw the sun come up? With running, this will be a regular occurrence. 

21. It’s fun

No explanation needed for this one. It’s a fun sport.

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