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24 hours with NCAA silver medalist Charlotte Prouse

We caught up with Prouse to talk about what a person does the day they win a medal at the NCAA Championships.

Charlotte Prouse ran a blazing 3,000m steeplechase on Saturday to finish second at the NCAA Division I Championships. Prouse ran 9:45.45 finishing just behind Allie Ostrander of Boise State who won in 9:39.28. 

Prouse will travel home on Thursday to London, Ont. There she will continue to train and race until the Canadian National Championships that will take place in Ottawa July 5-8th. She’s hoping to hit the standard for the NACAC Championship that will take place in Toronto in August. In the event that she doesn’t make the NACAC Championships, she will end her season after Canadian Nationals and take some downtime before she starts cross-country training. 

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We caught up with Prouse to talk about what a person does the day they win a medal at the NCAA Championships. 


June 9th, 2018 – Final day of NCAA Championships 

8:45 a.m: I got up and went for a shakeout jog for 15 minutes. This is pretty typical, I like to get the body moving before I race.

9:30 a.m: Breakfast time for me is oatmeal, fruit and peanut butter. Also, I always have an Americano with breakfast, and another one three to four hours before I race. 

10:00 a.m: I hung around in my hotel room and watched some TV until lunch. I’m trying to finish The Office right now, and I also downloaded some episodes of Scooby Doo. I discovered Scooby Doo is still a little scary, I can’t believe I watched it as a kid. 

Noon: I went for lunch and then got my stuff together. For lunch I had a rice bowl with tofu, avocado and veggies. 

2:15 p.m: I left for track and got to there around 2:30 p.m., I checked in and then hung out until warm up time. I listened to some music – I’m loving old Kanye West and A$AP Rocky right now. 

3:30 p.m: Warm up. 

3:54 p.m: Go time. 

4:10 p.m: After the race I had to go straight to the media tent. Once that was done, I ran to my coach to give him a big hug and called my mom.

5:00 p.m: I cooled down with some of my teammates who had run the 5,000m. 

6:00 p.m: I stood on the podium and got my medal. 

7:00 p.m: After the podium we left for Portland. I’m flying back to New Mexico from Portland, and some of my teammates are racing here tonight at the Portland Track Festival.  

10:00 p.m: I got Voodoo doughnuts for dinner and finally took out the braids that had been in my hair for a few days. I was honestly so glad to take out those braids. After that I went to bed.