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5 reasons it’s never too late to start running

There's no right or wrong age to become a runner

Photo by: Ramsey Cardy/Sportsfile

Unlike other sports, particularly stick-and-ball games, it’s never too late to decide that you want to get into running. Whether you’re 15, 50 or any other age, if you wake up one day with the urge to become a runner, you can and should do it. Sure, getting started in the sport when you’re older may be tougher than if you’d picked it up in your 20s, but if you put in the work and train well, you can become a strong runner in no time. For anyone out there who’s still unsure, here are five reasons why it’s never too late to become a runner. 

You’re not an Olympian 

Sorry to break it to you, but if you’re just getting started in running in your 40s, 50s or older, you’re not going to be making it to the Olympics. That’s actually a good thing, though, as it relieves you of unnecessary stress. You’re not getting into the sport to be a star, so it doesn’t matter how well you perform in races. As a new runner, you have the freedom to start training for the fun of it, which is the best reason there is to get into the sport. 

You need exercise 

No matter your age, you need to keep active. If you don’t participate in other sports or hit the gym often, running is a great option to help you work in a daily fitness routine. If you are a regular exerciser, then running will give you another activity to add to your weekly schedule, which will help break up any monotony you may be experiencing in training. 

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It’ll help with other sports

If you do play other sports, then it’s not only not too late to start running, but it’s probably a good idea to do so. Running will help keep you fit and mobile, which will benefit you on the courts or fields of other sports. Do yourself a favour and become a runner, no matter how old you are.

You can run your whole life 

If you’ve been to a running race before, you’ve likely seen that 80-something-year-old runner everyone looks at and says, “I hope I can be running when I’m that age.” We’ve got great news for you: if you train properly, you can be that person. Running is a sport that you can do for your entire life, and those senior citizens still lacing up and racing are proof that it’s not too late for you to get into the sport. If they can do it in their 80s, then you can try it out now. 

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You could be really fast 

If you haven’t run since you were in school (or ever), you could be an amazing talent and not even realize it. Put your fitness to the test and try running out to see if you’re naturally gifted. Either way, gifted or not, you’ll be better off for trying and sticking with the sport, as it will help you build and maintain a healthy lifestyle.