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5 signs you’re becoming a better runner

Other than your personal bests improving

If you’re the kind of runner who got into the sport to improve, there’s one very obvious way to measure that: your personal best. 

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If your pb is going down, this means that you’re getting better. But if you haven’t raced in a while, or for some reason your personal best isn’t plummeting at the rate you were hoping for, there are several other subtle ways to assess your progress. 

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You’ve become a talented snot rocketer 


There isn’t always time or space for a tissue mid-run. Enter the snot rocket. It’s a little gross, but it also facilitates breathing which is pretty important in an aerobic sport like running. Talented snot rocketers can perform this task without breaking their stride. 

Your feet are pretty gnarly 

It’s truly an occupational hazard. The more you run, the more likely you are to encounter some black toenails and blisters. Chances are the worse your feet are looking, the better your times are getting. 

You have more sports bras than regular undergarments 

When you spend so much time running, you also spend a lot of time in sports wear. This eliminates the need for typical street clothes. 

Your front entrance is extremely cluttered

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You’ve developed a full blown running shoe obsession and the entrance to your home has become difficult to navigate. 

You’re introduced as a runner

When you hang out with new friends you’re commonly introduced as a runner. This means you’ve become so invested in running that people know you for it. But also, your weekly training updates on social media are a pretty obvious tip off.