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The eye-opening splits for the 50K race walk world champions

How do the marathon split times for the 50K race walk world champions compare to your lifetime best?

yohann diniz

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The 2017 world 50K race walk champion’s average pace was so fast that he was able to break three hours for the marathon before completing another 8K.

France’s Yohann Diniz walked 50K at the 2017 IAAF World Championships in 3:33:12, a championship record, to win by a staggering eight minutes over the next closest competitor. His average pace was 4:15 per kilometre, a solid pace even when running, let alone walking.

In other terms, that’s a 21:19 5K, 10 times over. Or, completing a 10K, five times over, in 42:38 for each. One particular eye-opening split from the men’s 50K walk in London on Sunday was Diniz’s 5K between 35-40K, which he did in 20:33, according to data from the IAAF.

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Meanwhile, the women’s 50K world record was broken in London. Portugal’s Ines Henriques completed 50K in 4:05:56, which averages out to 4:55 per kilometre. That means she completed each 5K, on average, in less than 25 minutes to win the world title and $160,000. (Winner earns $60,000 for the victory plus $100,000 for a world record.)

Henriques’ pace for the 50K makes her split for the marathon 3:27:38.


Meanwhile, Canadians Evan Dunfee and Mathieu Bilodeau finished in 15th and 25th respectively. There were no Canadians in the women’s 50K, a distance contested for the first time at the IAAF World Championships.

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